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Our ornamental steel fence panels come in three different popular styles. It is manufactured from galvanized steel tubes to prevent rusting. Also, the steel is preassembled and treated with a multi-layer barrier of the powder coating process for supreme anti-corrosion and weather-resistant performance.

Product Features

True Guard™ Protection System

  • To prevent rusting from base material, all of our products are galvanized and have a Zinc Mass of 180g inside and out.
  • To ensure superior adhesion, each of our products undergo seven stages of pre-treatment with zinc-rich phosphate.
  • To cover all welds and cut edges, zinc-rich epoxy primer powder coating is applied to all our products.
  • To achieve exceptional anti-corrosion and weather-resistant performance, polyester finish powder coating is administered to our products.
More Layers, More Protection
steel fence coating layer
True Guard steel protection system

Available Size Option
• 4’/ 46″ Panel Height
• 5’/ 58″ Panel Height
• 6’/ 70″ Panel Height

Post Length
• 108″ Post for 6′ Fence
• 96″ Post for 4/5′ Fence

Post Dimension
• 2″ posts
• 2 1//2″ posts

Fence Panel Styles

Rackable steel fence is easy adjustable to the sloped terrain, multi-layer powder coating for exceptional anti-corrosion protection & weather resistant reliability.


The Buxton is our top seller and is very popular because of its sleek, flowing design. The Buxton is great for any job as it offers the security of a sturdy fence, but also the look of a modernized fence.


The Caldwell comes with extended pickets and a uniformed flat top picket. This will give your fence a sense of style, but also a smooth finish. The Caldwell looks great in any application


The Richmond is designed to give your fence an eye-catching design. The extended pickets with spear-shaped ends offer security and aesthetics. The Richmond will give any home/business an established look.

Ornamental Fence: Explore the Timeless Charm with Style

Ornamental Fences are in public demand these days. The blend of sophistication and security makes it the ideal choice for customers. The aesthetic visual appeal along with the functionality makes it stand out from other fencing solutions. Oasis Outdoor products provide the best quality steel fence panels that are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Our steel fences are treated with a powder coating process to resist the harsh weather of Canada.

Explore The Different Aspects Of Ornamental Fence:

As the name suggests the ornamental fence enhances the beauty and adds functionality as well. However, basically ornamental fences are made of metals. We provide the highest quality steel which is shielded by a True Guard Protection System to prevent corrosion. Let’s dive into other aspects of ornamental fences.

Visual Appeal: It is needless to mention the aesthetic visual appeal and the name already suggested that. However, these fences are sturdy and robust metal which adds safety and security to your property. Our steel fences come with modern and contemporary styles and designs, you can choose according to your taste and preference.

Materials Selection: Basically, ornamental fences are made from materials such as wrought iron, aluminum, or steel. However, we provide steel as a fence because it is durable and less maintenance. Stell also offers a lightweight and corrosion-resistant alternative without compromising on style.

Versatility, Security & Durability: Ornamental fencing is available in varied styles, allowing you to choose a design that aligns perfectly with your personal taste. From ornate scrolls and finials to simple geometric patterns, ornamental fences can be customized in any way. Beyond their decorative appeal, ornamental fences provide a high level of security and safety that can add a visual appeal with functionality to your property. The robust metal construction is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions in Canada.

Maintenance: While ornamental fences are designed to be durable, they do require much maintenance to preserve their luster. Routine cleaning will help you to maintain its look. However, compared to other fencing options, the maintenance requirements for ornamental fences are generally lower, making it the best choice for customers.


Incorporating an ornamental fence into your property not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides a secure boundary outline. We provide the best Ornamental Fence Supplies In Canada and our products undergo seven stages of pre-treatment with zinc-rich phosphate a powder coating is applied to all our products to make them corrosion-resistant and make them the most durable fences among all.

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