Privacy Vinyl Fencing in Canada

Privacy Vinyl fencing protects your property from predators and maintains your privacy. Privacy fencing from Oasis Outdoor Products is of high quality and durable to withstand the extreme weather of Canada.

Privacy Vinyl Fence

Privacy Vinyl Fence of Oasis Outdoor Products are strong, of high standard and long lasting to sustain extreme weather condition in Canada. Privacy fencing makes it easy for installation and maintenance thereby making it popular among customers. You can enjoy your space without the interference of your neighbors and outsiders. Additionally, fencing provides the demarcation of property for homeowners, which permits them to enjoy their respective space. You can enjoy partying in the backyard or having a business meeting. Fencing will serve you better in meeting your privacy needs.

Privacy Fencing Benefits 

  • Enhanced Security 
  • Increased Privacy 
  • Noise Reduction  
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Privacy Fence Types

  • Full Privacy
  • Diagonal Lattice
  • Jail Top
  • Jail Top 2
  • Square Lattice

Privacy Vinyl Fencing Maintenance and Installation: 

Installation: Once you place your order with us, we dispatch your product on your doorsteps. We also provide a how-to-do video for an easy installation process.

Maintenance: Routine maintenance is important. Weekly dusting along with cleaning with normal soap water can make your fences luxurious.

Privacy fencing is the best option for business owners and homeowners for enhanced security for their property. However, you can get all your fencing needs from Oasis Outdoor products which give solutions to your needs. Get your home fenced today and enjoy your privacy.

Best selling

Full Privacy

Diagonal Lattice

Jail Top

Jail Top 2

Square Lattice


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