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Advantages of Artificial Grass you Should Know

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Recently, artificial lawns have been popular. For the first time, they learned about them in 1964. Find top-quality artificial grass in Canada and use them anywhere you want. At first, artificial grass was used only for stadiums, as the live grass very quickly wore out and was erased under the feet of many football players. Over time, artificial grass gained more and more popularity. These grasses are mainly used in lawns in residential areas, squares, and other places.

Polypropylene or polyethylene is in use to prepare artificial grass. The base of the coating is fixed with special glue, resistant and durable.

Polypropylene pile is more suitable for sports, for example, for a tennis court or golf (where there is a minimum of falls), as it is more rigid. People also use this for decorative purposes. The polyethylene pile is smoother and more elastic. It is also used on football fields and other sports grounds.

Artificial grass is produced not only in green. The colour scheme is very diverse, depending on the purpose of using the lawn. For example, for football, the manufacturer may offer the green and white colour of the grass. For a tennis court, a red version is possible, and for marking – white and yellow.

Advantages of using Artificial grass

  • Rich colour and natural appearance without “plastic” shine;
  • On an artificial field, you can play sports all day long
  • Artificial turf is not afraid of either the sun or frost. It adopts a variety of weather conditions;
  • Artificial grass does not need to be watered, fertilized, or trimmed, it does not need care at all, which is not unimportant;
  • Artificial grass Canada always has a fresh, lively appearance since the blades of grass on it are elastic and retain an upright position;
  • Thanks to the polyethylene coating, injuries (burns, scratches) on the playing field of players are practically excluded.
  • Very economical and practical to use;
  • Quickly passes water through itself

The greatest demand is for artificial grass from the Oasis Outdoor Products manufacturer, as it allows the customer not to overpay and get a quality product at an affordable price.

Stains and debris are easily removed from the artificial turf. There are even special garden vacuum cleaners.

And finally, some tips: 

  • Artificial turf should be kept away from cigarettes and other smouldering objects;
  • Do not fry kebabs on artificial turf;
  • It is advisable to remove traces of dirt as soon as possible before it is absorbed because then the fight against stains will take a little longer;
  • It is advisable to keep away sharp objects, chewing gums, patches, etc.

For a living lawn to please in the warm season, the grass must be maintained – watered, fertilized, and trimmed. However, in the cold season, you have to part with the grass cover. Modern finishing materials have solved this problem – artificial grass has replaced living grass. Decorative lawn from artificial grass Canada can be used all year round, while the product does not need mowing and watering. Synthetic grass is enough to lay once and use the coating for a long time.

Modern artificial grass is a polyurethane coating used for lying in open spaces. To date, it is easy to choose from the variety of species that create world producers. When choosing artificial grass, you should take into account not only the presence of advantages but also the disadvantages of the products.

Enjoy all the rest and sports on artificial turf!!!

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