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How to Clean Aluminum Balcony Railings

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Aluminum balcony railings are visually striking and give any balcony a sharp finishing touch. Primarily for their visual appeal, but also for many other reasons, modular aluminum railings have become the railing system of choice in recent years.

For home owners and business owners alike, aluminum railings are a dream because they are affordable, long lasting, low-maintenance and look great. However, while they are durable, exposure to the elements and local environment inevitably leads to some dirt build up. Fortunately, cleaning an aluminum railing system is quite easy and can be accomplished with common, household products!

This short guide will give you some tips and tricks to clean aluminum balcony railings to keep them looking as good as new.

General Maintenance

Although aluminum railing systems require so little maintenance that most people consider them to be practically maintenance free, there are a few things you can do to keep them at their best.

Regularly inspecting your railing is the first step towards good maintenance. Because they are sleek yet robust, aluminum railing systems rarely have issues and usually maintain their look well so stains or damage will be highly visible. If you notice stains from things like tree sap or bugs, be sure to remove them promptly because once they receive too much sun exposure, they will be much more difficult to remove.


Keeping aluminum railings clean is easier than most people realize. Because of the material’s natural properties, cleaning an aluminum railing twice per year is usually enough to keep it looking great. If you live in an area near a body of salt water or somewhere with significant environmental pollution, such as commonly found near industrial areas, more frequent cleanings are recommended.

When it comes time to clean your aluminum railings, use a soft sponge with a mild soap and water for the best results. Remember to rinse the railings thoroughly with clean water after cleaning to remove any residual soap.

Avoid using anything that could scratch or gouge the surface, like steel wool or scouring pads, and be sure to steer clear of solvents and harsh chemicals. If you decide to use something other than soap and water for cleaning, test the product you intend to use on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it won’t cause damage or discoloration.

Powder Coating

Many aluminum products are finished with a powder coating, which is what helps make them so durable. But this coating can appear discoloured through its natural aging process, and a chalk-like residue can form on the surface over time. Fortunately, restoring your railings to their original look is easy. Simply use a non-abrasive cleaning product on a soft sponge to wash it away before polishing.

Easy Upkeep

As you can see, aluminum railing systems have earned their reputation as great looking and long lasting safety solutions for decks and balconies of all kinds. All you need to keep them looking their best is a bit of attention and some household products for an occasional cleaning. It really is that simple!

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