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Top Seven Fence-Loving Plants for Plant Hardiness Zone 3

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Having a perimeter fence in your backyard offers so many design possibilities. Rather than your fence being a barrier, you can use it as part of your garden landscape. If you live in and around Saskatoon, here are the top seven plants for zone 3 that will look great next to your fence.

#1: Honeysuckle

Are you looking for beautiful foliage, bright flowers, and fence-climbing ability? The honeysuckle vine is the perfect choice for you. With deep green leaves, a sweet fragrance, and beautiful coral-coloured trumpet-like flowers, your honeysuckle plant is perfect for your fence. With minimal upkeep, this is the perfect climbing vine for your backyard.

#2: Wisteria Vines

There are many varieties of wisteria vines. The Kentucky Wisteria may be your best bet for the climate. Take caution: although these dramatic draping flowers are the definition of dreamy, you won’t appreciate it when your wisteria chokes out the surrounding plants and takes over your garden. While we think it’s worth the risk, make sure to stay vigilant with your pruning.

#3: Cream Pea Vine

Also known as the Common Vetchling, pea vines are sweet pea-like vines with dark green foliage and creamy blooms. But please exercise caution when considering this delightful vine: every part of the plant is poisonous, so if you have curious kids or pets that love to destroy plants, this might not be suitable for your backyard.

#4: Virginia Creeper

If you want a vine to cover your fence, but you can’t decide on a flower colour, why not try the Virginia creeper, which turns just about every colour you can think of throughout the gardening season. You’ll notice this fast-growing vine start out deep purple, turn green in summer, and end with a fantastic display of fall colours.

#5: Morning Glories

What’s not to love about morning glories? These friendly vines are the perfect fence plant, as they are delicate and display a wide array of gem tone colours. These plants are easily grown from seed or you can purchase them from your local garden centre.

#6: Highbush Blueberries

While highbush blueberries don’t climb, the dark violet berries will really stand out when placed in front of your white fence. Blueberries are a great addition to any garden, and they add height and depth to the perimeter, while supplying you (and the birds, if you’re not careful) all summer long with the delicious fruit.

#7: Clematis

Don’t be intimated by this so-called difficult plant. As long as you remember a few essential growing tricks, you’ll be seeing bright star-shaped flowers all season. There are many Clematis varieties that grow in Zone 3, so you have plenty of colours to choose from. 

When designing your backyard garden, don’t forget to blend your fence into your landscape by planting these fence-happy vines and bushes. Contact Oasis Outdoor Products for more backyard ideas.

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