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3 Simple Solutions for Cleaning Your PVC Fence

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PVC fences are an excellent choice when you’re looking for an attractive addition to your property. They come in many styles to choose from, and they can be built to fit your property. But one of the best things about a PVC fence is how easy they are to clean! Below are three simple solutions for cleaning your PVC fence.

Spray Off With Water

Dust and dirt can easily build up along your fence, especially on dry and windy days, which can make your pristine white fence look grungy and dirty. Fortunately, dust can easily be sprayed off with the hose without the need for soap. Try this step first, as dust and cobwebs can easily be removed from PVC vinyl. If cobwebs are your main problem, sweeping them off with a broom will do the trick.

Soap & Water

This is the easiest way that you can clean your PVC fence. Just mix up a solution of some water and dish soap and grab a non-abrasive pad or cleaning cloth. It’s amazing the amount of grime and dirt that will come off of your fence.

Eco-Friendly Cleaner & Water

Does your PVC fence have stains that are more stubborn, like grass stains, mildew or mud, something stronger might be in order. However, we recommend using an eco-friendly cleaner to prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the soil or garden around your fence. A diluted blend of water and an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner (such as Simple Green) is a great way to clean stubborn stains from your fence.

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