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Revolutionary PVC Vinyl Fencing Solutions in Canada

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PVC vinyl fencing or simply PVC fencing is gaining popularity fast due to the durability factor that it brings in as compared to wooden fences. The fencing system is very reliable in extreme weather conditions and gives sturdiness to your property’s outer perimeter. The unique manufacturing process provides maximum longevity and UV protection, as well as providing better joint solutions. The design ensures comfortable installation features and easily available accessories.

The Product

Oasis Outdoor Products provides PVC vinyl fencing solutions at an affordable price. The manufacturing process uses mono-extrusion and co-extrusion of pure virgin vinyl, using Dupont TiO2 UV inhibitors. It ensures maximum protection of the vinyl fences as the inhibitors are evenly distributed throughout the panels. Moreover, the co-extruded color lines ensure unmatched color retention compared to any other product available in the market.

With every PVC vinyl fencing system, the company provides heavy-duty galvanized steel masts, aluminum rail inserts, leveling collars, and top rail ties. The complete accessories and panel make up the fencing system that ensures 100% protection against extreme weather conditions for a very long time.


Using PVC fencing brings a lot of advantages as compared to traditional wooden fencing materials. They can be enumerated as follows:

  • Install more than 150 feet of fencing within a day, thanks to our superior installation method and accessories
  • QwickCollars and QwickTies technology ensure a sturdy fence that is leveled and linear.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process across all our products
  • Installation guides and videos for contractors and DIY enthusiasts
  • The fencing system is highly durable in extreme weather conditions
  • The collars, ties, and other accessories are rust free, rot free and no yellowing, splinting, etc. as seen in traditional wooden fences
  • Affordable price and doorstep delivery options
  • Low impact installation so your backyard remains crisp even after removal or replacements if any.
  • Lifetime warranty on all the products

Peace of mind, guaranteed

Use the PVC vinyl fencing solutions from Oasis Outdoor Products Canada and enjoy the rest of your time without having to worry about maintenance or repairs of any sort. Our products are built to last, have a superior market presence, and are far more economical than your average fencing solution. Visit our website for more detailed insights on our products.

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